Mitsubishi 3015LVP

The LVPlus designed to meet the needs of our most demanding clients for metal manufacturing. This machine is built on a heavy-duty, single-unit platform which allows for high-speed, advanced processing. This machine allows for some of the most technologically advanced laser cutting in the world.

The Ultimate Cutting Power

At Wolf Metals, we specialize in integrating machines that achieve high-quality results without extra cost for our customers. The Mitsubishi LVPlus machine combines superior cutting power with high-speed processing to cut down on any extra time without sacrificing results. On this machine, the cutting power is optimized by creating the perfect blend of output power, beam quality, beam stability, and power control. The results are visible through superior edge quality, lower thermal effect, and greater overall precision cutting ability.

Machine Features

If you’re familiar with laser cutting machines, you may be wondering why we chose this one of many. This model has many unique features which allows us to provide our own clients with superior results unavailable elsewhere. The features of the LVPlus include:

  • Ability to cut steel up to 1” and stainless steel up to 0.5”
  • High-speed, heavy duty motion system for reduced processing time (by up to 50%)
  • Diamond Path™ advanced beam delivery system
  • Single-platform provides ultimate stability to ensure high-speed processing accuracy
  • Achieves superior cut edge quality and processing consistency over the entire work area
  • Corner-to-corner cutting of thick mild steel, stainless, and aluminum materials

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