Why We Use The Fladder® AUT

The Fladder® AUT is the perfect deburring solution for small parts processing. The machine is used to deburr parts off our lasers and we recommend this option to all customers to help minimize the chance of cutting oneself. With the smallest footprint, the machine has all of the qualities of its larger counterparts, without negative side effects. At Wolf Metals, we appreciate utilizing machines that provide the best results with the lowest cost to both our clients and the environment whenever possible.

A Powerful and Efficient Machine Concept

All Fladder® finishing machines are the result of intensive, targeted product development work, producing a design which is known for its efficiency. We chose the Fladder® AUT because it does not sacrifice size for quality: Emphasis has been put on making the design as strong and compact as possible, without compromising results in any way.

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